My Ateneo Dream has Fallen

I started this blog because I felt so devastated and sad. I just want to have an outlet to everything that is going on.

Anyway, welcome to my first post. I’m not new to blogging. And I don’t bother if no one reads this. I just wanted to express the feeling that’s inside of me.

I’m an incoming law student. I aspire to be a lawyer, of course. But you know, there are things in this world that you cannot get even though you badly wanted it — and that’s law school for me.

We’re not rich. My parents can’t afford to send me to law school. That’s it. It’s the reason why I’m frustrated right now. I’m frustrated because why in the world we can’t afford this? There are a lot of kids out there who have the resources, yet they just take it for granted. They became wasted and never finish school. Yet here I am, begging each and every people I know, every senator in this country, every organization I acquianted with for just a scholarship. And today was my biggest rejection.

I applied for a scholarship from a Mayor but I was not accepted. The moment the heard the phrase “you’re not accepted” a while ago, I didn’t bother to ask why. I’m hurt. My heart was  broken. My dreams was shattered. I thanked him and walked away.  This was my last shot for a scholarship.

Now you wonder why Ateneo was mentioned in my title? Because if I got accepted to that scholarship, I will be enrolled in Ateneo. I was accepted already by my dream law school. I endured PhiLSAT, their English Profeciency Test, their interview, all of it. The enrolment was just the last step I should make in order to attain that dream. But I slipped. Tomorrow is the last day of their enrolment. And I can’t make it. Sighs.

But I’m still thankful to Jehovah God because I particularly prayed for this, and he answered in particular. I cannot disclose what we’ve been talking in my prayers (we have many secrets), but that’s it. I know this is His way, still thankful to Him. I fully trust Him and I love Him.

Now, I maybe sad. But tomorrow, maybe, a brand new start to pursue my dreams.


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